Who's that girl?

Hola Mi Gente! My name is Veronica, but you can call me Vero. I'm originally from Puerto Rico and currently live in the Bay Area California.

I've been building websites since 2006 and started working with Shopify in 2016. As a Program Trainer by trade, I learned how to train large groups virtually and in person. I found myself helping friends and clients maintain their Shopify stores and I realized that I can add more value by combining my training skills with my Shopify store building knowledge.

That's why I created my one-of-a-kind coaching program. You'll learn how to create, design and maintain your Shopify store from setting up your page, adding your products to setting up payment methods—you name it, we're going to cover it. And you'll be able to do it yourself in no time at all!

  • offensiveshirtco.com

    Vero was pleasure to work with. She designed a great looking store for me. Finally, I have a store I can be proud of. Her communications skills are topnotch. She answers emails quickly, she's efficient, she was patient enough to explain things clearly to me. You can tell she's really passionate about creating attractive online stores and helping her customers to succeed. I would definitely recommend her sevices. And I would 100 percent use her again. Thanks Vero!

  • valleyskyservices.com

    My name is Sidney Lord the President of VALLEY SKY SERVICES LLC. I tried for 2 months on my own to build a website that was up to speed with today's world. I found myself in a dark place all my task & vision was starting to fade. I started questioning my own decision, dedication and inner strength. God bless my good friend Leno who referred me to Veronica. She took my vision & turned it into reality.Her quickness, her word is her bond, her communication, her dedication to my dream made me forever in debit. I will stand in the halls of congress on her behalf that she is the truth!Her work ethic and talent has freed me up to focus on the infrastructure of my business. Thank you again